This category is for sites relating to Weather statistics and information around Australia.

Websites on Weather

  • Australian Bureau of Meteorology -Weather, climate and hydrology services; also details educational projects, publications, and contacts.
  • Australian Severe Weather -Weather photography with over 3,500 weather photos catalogued, tropical cyclones, storm news and maps. Australian weather pages and data search engine.
  • The Weather Company -Supplier of television and internet weather services and forecasts.
  • Weatherzone -Constantly updated satellite images, radar displays, forecast charts and a full range of Australian forecasts and current observations.
  • Australian Weather News -Summaries of national weather headlines and events. Access to bureau of meteorology information grouped by subject, figures compiled from multiple sources, and site profile included.
  • Ozwind -Wind speed and wind direction weather reports.
  • -Australian and international weather forecasts, current conditions and maps.
  • Elders Weather -The latest weather forecast covering over 550 locations Australia wide.
  • BBC Weather Centre - Country Guides: Australia -Provides climate and weather information, facts and statistics about the country, along with five-day forecasts for major cities.
  • World Weather Information Service - Australia -UN weather agency's month-by-month temperature and precipitation information by city. [Arabic, Chinese, English, Portuguese]
  • Oz Forecast -Forecasts and observations localised for each town or city, including satellite imagery and maps.
  • Weather Chart -View chart of last 3 days of temperature and rainfall for any Australian location.